More Show Homes Now Open In Rocha Orchards!

Carrington Land is happy to announce that all single-family show homes in Rocha in the Orchards will be open for viewing this weekend! Dolce Vita and Bedrock are just putting in the finishing touches on their single-family show homes.

San Rufo is proud to announce that both their single-family and duplex show homes are now open and available for viewing. 

These show homes will host information sessions that touch on different topics that both first and second time home buyers will find useful. 

Dolce Vita will be hosting their Stage & Sell event this Saturday, in their single-family show home. Be sure to check out Rocha Orchards Facebook event page for more details. 

Keep checking our Facebook page and website for all the latest Rocha Orchards news. We have some great events planned for our growing community.

Our show home hours are as follows: 

Monday-Thursday: 3 pm - 8 pm 
Saturday, Sunday and Holidays: 12 pm - 5 pm 
Closed Fridays